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Avoid Airline Baggage Fees
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How to Avoid Airline Baggage Fees

In recent years, airlines have been adding new charges on everything from in-flight Wi-Fi service to checked bags. There are a few tips you can follow to minimize the amount of extra fees you pay with your airline ticket. The best way to avoid fees for checked baggage is to learn how to pack everything you need in your carry-on bag. You should roll your clothes instead of folding them to make more room. Don’t pack more than one pair of shoes to avoid filling up packing space needed for other items. Make a list of must-haves such as basic clothing items. Plan on using laundry services when you reach your destination instead of packing more clothes.

Most airlines depend on extra fees to bring in additional operating revenue that they need. Extra fees have increased as much as 89 percent over the past few years. There are fees for onboard cafes, early boarding privileges and other optional extras. There are ways to avoid extra fees when you travel such as taking advantage of frequent flier programs. If you book your flight with a friend who is a member of a frequent flier club, then you will likely be able to receive the same discounts. Use online tools to compare fees before you purchase your airline tickets. These tools will help you determine which airlines offer the lowest fees for services such as seat assignments.

If you use specific credit cards that are branded by the airline, you can receive additional discounts that include priority boarding and free checked luggage. Some airline credit cards will have additional benefits such as hotel and rental car discounts. Some credit cards will offer cash rebates of over $200 or more per year.

Don’t forget to weigh your luggage since there are additional fees if it is overweight. It might be cheaper for you to ship your belongings ahead of time to your destination rather than pay the overweight fees. Allow extra room in your bags to be able to pack souvenirs on your return trip.

Carry an empty water bottle and healthy snacks to keep from being tempted to purchase food either on the plane or at the airport. This can set you back on the money you had intended to spend while on your trip. If you order a cheese and cracker platter, you will pay a small fortune on the plane. Don’t choose a boarding seat before you arrive at the airport. This can cost you more than $10 when purchasing your ticket. Some airlines charge more for a premium coat seat.

Check the airline’s website to find out if you can choose a seat within 24 hours of departure. This will allow you to choose your seat without paying more money. Choosing your own seat is much better than arriving and being left with only a middle seat. Purchase your airline tickets with bundles fees to change a nonrefundable ticket into a refundable one just in case you can’t make your flight.

If you wait until the last minute to change or cancel your airline reservation, you may luck out since over 20 percent of flights are canceled or rescheduled. This will allow you to make the change without being charged. Some airlines will also charge you an additional fee for checking in at the airport instead of online. Print your boarding pass before you arrive at your gate to avoid additional fees. Carefully choose your airline before booking your trip. Just because you find a lower rate, doesn’t mean the total cost of the ticket will be lower. Read the fine print and make sure you understand all additional charges before you purchase your ticket.

The best rates are not always found in low-cost carriers. Compare airline fares with major airlines to find the best rate. It might be cheaper to send your luggage by parcel delivery instead of checking it at the airport. When you find a reasonable airline, stick with it and take advantage of discount programs such as frequent traveler discounts. It is important that you understand all taxes, fees, and charges before booking your flight to avoid spending much more than you intended. You can still get really good deals on airfare if you do your research. Then, you can leave your homescapes in good shape as you travel on a budget holiday! Kill two birds with a stone!